What is a project manager ?

What is a project manager ?

A project manager is the person in charge of communicating the most effective plan to all teams involved in a project. This allows projects to be structured, tasks divided among teams and for accountability to be correctly assigned.

This is a relatively new model and it comes from a number of project management professionals who came up with methodologies that you could use. These helped create what is now project management. It is a growing profession, which many companies see as essential to their productivity and success.


Project manager day-to-day basis?


As mentioned above, the project manager role is an essential component across a countless number of industries and project types, meaning the day-to-day specifics often vary widely depending on the role’s context. However, there are several tasks shared by nearly all project managers.

Relay information about the projects progression to the appropriate parties

Keep on top of reporting and the financials of the project.

Keep on track of tasks completed, who they were completed by and if this was on time.

Liaise between various contractors and keep coordination levels high.


What personality type?

There are three main areas of importance.

Outgoing – able to keep communicating with everyone and ensure that all parties are aware of any changes and requirements.

Analytical – Are able to use prior experience to gauge if the project is on track and fix things if it seems to be increasing in scope or delaying.

Organised – A project manager should be able to organise teams effectively and be the POC between all the teams.  


A good trait to have is the ability to learn from your mistakes – In every project there is usually minor setbacks and delays, these can be unavoidable delays due to contractors not delivering goods or services, it can even be delays caused to weather of finances. But a good project manager will be able to learn from mistakes and delays and avoid them in future projects.


How do i become a project manager?

Most people find themselves in a project management role by surprise. Doing a great job as a project contributor can often lead to finding yourself in charge. If you haven’t had any experience as a project manager then i can’t think of any better motivation to excel during your next project. If you have some experience and want to move on with your career, you can find some great Project Manager job opportunities from Emperic.


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