The future of job listings

The way we find our next job has changed over the years. Gone are the days of needing family friends or knowing people in your industry and people who could be employers, although networking is still great. And making connections is very valuable, especially in your industries sphere.

Since the ago of the internet, technology has become a valuable method of sourcing potential employees for employers all around the world. These days there are a host of companies and websites which host job offers.

These sites are becoming ever more popular which may be becoming an issue. Sites like Indeed, Monster, Dice have tried to monopolize the landscape of job boards on the internet. These sites used to filter out candidates but since the internet is so accessible, these sites are flooded with users.

There are ways that these sites can counter these issues, by using AI, making the job boards more social, a bit like LinkedIn or even having a subscription feature, allowing companies and candidates a specific number of jobs to apply for. As it stands the emerging sites are sites which have specialized and offer jobs in specific locations or specific industries. Let’s looks at a few sites which are prevalent today.



All jobs

LinkedIn is a site nearly everyone knows about, allowing employers and employees to create profiles and network virtually. But it’s much more than that. Creating connections, posting job offers, applying for jobs and scheduling interviews is a great service which LinkedIn provide.



All jobs

Monster allows companies to list jobs and lets people send CV’s to those companies and apply for those jobs. It is a widely used service, and there are many companies who do this. However this is becoming less popular and more services which specialize in an industry are emerging.


Africa Legal

Legal Jobs in Africa

Africa Legal is a company which specializes in enhancing the legal sphere in Africa. They provide legal news, job listings and courses. You can search by location or sector and they even have guides about how you can get into the industry based on which country you are looking for.

On top of nearly daily legal news from top African lawyers, you can create an account and set up job reminders to keep you informed on any new jobs. They even have links with University of Cape Town

This is a good example of specializing in which jobs you offer, in this case legal and which location, in this case, Africa.



Data, Digital, Cloud and Security in UK

Empric is another example of a specialist recruitment agency. Empiric provide recruitment services to business’ looking for either contract workers or permanent professionals. They also offer job listings in these industries.

This is an example of a company which has focused what they do and have achieved great success rather quickly, being less than 10 years old and constantly winning awards in their niche.



It’s clear to see that how you find your next job is constantly changing and all it takes for a leader to emerge is for one brand to innovate in this space. It is also likely you will start to see more sites like Africa Legal and Empiric. Brands which do far more than just list job opportunities. Offering courses and recruiting are extra sources of income for these brands and will allow them to invest more time in creating a service which will benefit you, the user.

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