How to Build an Unforgettable Brand

Firstly, what is your concept? Product? Service? Message? There is so many starting points it can often be overwhelming to think about. Start with the reason why, think why you decided to do this idea in the first place. If your answer if money, stop and start again. Money should never be a driver in building a company or brand as it will never gain the outcomes you require due to lack of passion and creativity around the subject chosen. Do something you love! Look into your interests, niche markets and the “not been done” mind-set.

Next, ensure no one else has covered what you are trying to do, do something unique and that will be your selling point. The worst outcome is someone else with the same name or logo as you within the same industry, do your market research on competitors and consumers alike.

Create a strong brand name and logo, make it relevant or outgoing both are effective techniques. The choice of colour is very important as this will affect your consumers physiologically while they judge your brand and if they are willing to consume from it.

Social media reach is an important aspect of any business, be sure to choose your tone of voice carefully, picking the correct platform for your brand is also crucial as different target markets use different social vehicles.

Consider your target market. Whom are you trying to reach, what do they like? Where do they live? What is their job/income/class? the list is endless. You can never have enough market research, the more in-depth your research the more you will know your consumers wants and needs and the easier you can for fill these aspects of their life.

Consider what your product, service or brand brings to your consumer, is it an asset to them, what are your KPI’s? (Key Performance Indicators). Having a brand which is measurable is always a good idea, use digital tactics (analytics) to measure your online presence, if your business consists of bricks and mortar there are traditional methods such as productivity, footfall and stock takes which can help with this.

Consider your brand values, are you sustainable, ethical or charitable? Any positive aspects you can add to your branding will help build positivity and allow consumers who invest in these societal effects to consider your brand, and open a pathway for loyalty to grow.

To conclude this short advice article, keep it pure and positive, your intensions should be right and it will become transparent through your branding. Carry out market research on all competitors and target consumers. Be innovative and work hard for what you want.

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